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Working with Tonic London Consultancy and Bicester Village Directors,  delivered commercially focused tenancy mix strategies; primarily at the flagship village, Bicester UK and  also Ingolstadt Germany.


Luxury-casual operators such as Soho House & Co - Farmshop now anchor the Village, complemented by 'premiumised' Itsu, Pret a Manger and vibrant casual-luxury pop-ups on the outdoor terraces; all fully integrated into the landlord's retail communications and events initiatives.

  • Insight presentations for casual-luxury sector

  • Potential and existing tenant audits to gauge long-term success 

  • Created leasing journey and tenant landlord & investor decks

  • Commercial reporting

  • Casual-luxury pop-ups – concepts, design, menus, fabrication, delivery, optimisation and back-of-house facilities

  • Landlord exclusive concepts - development and delivery of  pop-ups/restaurants/bars/markets

  • Consultant to designers to ensure delivery of concepts that works for specific locations -  DNA, sales maximisation, team productivity, guest experience

  • 'Premiumisation' of established brands so they differentiate from the standard 

  • Fit-out CAPEX management and facilitator between multidisciplinary parties to safeguard post opening success

  • Post-opening tenant support to optimise profitability 

  • Integration into landlord communications and events  

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